Saul, Lou, and George

Saul, Lou, and George were intrigued by me. Not only was I not from New York City, I was at least 40 years younger than they were, and they were curious.As a Rotarian, attendance is very important. It is a challenge since we meet every single week, but it is really important given all the service projects and work we do in the community. If you can't attend your home town Rotary meeting, you can make up at another Rotary Club. Since I am in NYC all week, I decided to make up here. When I walked through the pristine doors of the New York City Harvard Club, it was quite an experience. There were paintings on the walls of some of the more distinguished local alumni and scenes from the historic campus. As I approached the sign-in table I could hear two old men laughing and catching up on the week's events. They seemed to be old friends with as many stories as they had wrinkles, maybe more. As I put on my name tag and started to walk into the banquet hall, one of the two men stopped me. He grabbed me by the arm and put his head close to my chest and clutched his glasses. He looked at me and then back at my name tag and then back at me. "Dallas, Texas huh? Well, that's interesting. Welcome to my Rotary Club." Saul then introduced me to Lou. Lou then introduced me to George. Gorge then said to Saul, "This kid should sit with us huh?" And so I did. We sat at the middle table and I sat in the middle. Lou and Saul sat on either side of me and immediately saw me as audience for their favorite stories and snide remarks about other people in the room. We were shushed once by a lady at another table when Lou relayed to me that he was not a big fan of the poems "that this year's club president seems to think are a necessary part of each meeting." The best part about Rotary International, is it is everywhere and their is an automatic connection wherever I have gone and met a fellow Rotarian.