Private Jets and Public work outs

Having personally met, partied, and danced with his fiance, I am a fan of Jesse Itzler. Now, when I say that I have had such close associations with Jesse, that doesn't mean on any level that he would remember these associations with me. Jesse is one of the founders of Marquis Jet, one of my favorite recent American success stories. He and his partner Kenny Dichter built a team around them of some pretty incredible talent through out their seven year history. The CEO of my company, Jay Sapovits, is one of the Marquis Jet alumni that has gone onto to do huge things. They have built a rock star brand that is associated with celebrities and greatness world wide as I was witness to at their Super Bowl Party this year.But perhpas the thing that I enjoy the most about the success that Kenny and Jesse have built, is that it, in a lot of cases has allowed them to indulge their crazier side. I have heard stories, but this one is out there in the public for everyone to see in today's PAGE SIX