Texas Snobbery

In Texas, there is nothing greater than having a pickup truck. It is the chariot of many an executive and crosses all socio-economic lines in its use, design, and ownership. Some are definitely nicer than others, but there is no doubt that a suped-up pickup truck is the vehicle embodiment of what being a Texan is all about: rugged yet refined, tricked out and tough.
But according to one Home Owners Association in Frisco, TX, a pickup truck is an eye sore for their neighborhood, even if one of the CEO's that lives in the neighborhood is the owner. The Stonebriar HOA has fined he and his family repeatedly each time they park their 2007 Ford F-150 truck in the driveway and have mandated that the truck must be parked in their garage at all times while at the home. Are you kidding me? Read the story HERE