Self Promotion

Who has the best brand recognition at this summer Olympics? No question about it, Michael Phelps. Without a doubt he is and will continue to be the story of Beijing. He has swam 3 races, he has 3 golds, AND 3 world records. That is just straight up ridiculous dominance. He is going to become the most decorated Olympian in the history of the world by this time tomorrow. Watching him last night coast through the first three laps of the 200 freestyle and then just pulling away because he decided to on the final lap was just dumbfounding.
Now the question is, who is Garrett Weber-Gale? No one has ever heard of him and even now you probably don't know the name. But, he might be the smartest self-promoter of this Olympics. In the 4X100 Free Relay, America shut the French up and made them eat crow with an amazing come back by Jason Lezak on the final leg led to an incredible celebration. Phelps, standing on the edge of the pool cheering on Lezak, went ape when they announced he had edged out the loud mouth French and they had won gold. Garrett Weber-Gale, who had been standing a behind Phelps, quickly high fives his team mate and jumps in front of him and remained there for the rest of the screaming and exuberance of the event, and all of the photos taken by the international media.
It just goes to show, if you aren't the golden boy, stand close to him and see if you can't catch one of his left over endorsement deals.