Oylmpic Size Jerk

Imagine this, four years from now, in London, at the 2012 Summer Olympics, I win a silver medal in the pole vault. Now, first let's clarify, I have never pole vaulted in my life. I have no knowledge of skill or technique, and honestly, when watching this week on tv, I am still baffled by how that pole doesn't break. But fast forward four years. It is the finals of the Olympics and I am one of two men left standing. The last guy that I have to beat is the 24 time reigning world champion that hasn't lost since when I was sitting on my couch watching him win in Beijing. It is just down to me and him. After a courageous last couple attempts, I end up in 2nd place and the champion sets a new world record. But, with only four years of training I beat everyone else in the entire world. Not bad huh? I wouldn't think so.
But apparently the coach of Jennifer Stuczynski of the United States wasn't impressed by the fact that this is exactly what she did yesterday. He couldn't even stop checking his blackberry long enough to congratulate her on her incredible accomplishment. With only four years of training, she won the Olympic Silver medal only beaten by the great woman pole vaulter of all time, Elena Isinbaeva of Russia.
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