Destination: The World

Clubs offer fresh take on upscale travel
(as seen in Park Cities People Newspaper - 8/1/2008)

.... The deposits vacation clubs require may be a barrier potential members can’t overcome, but one company has taken that component out of the equation. The One Key destination club works on a debit system. Members charge up their membership 15, 25, or 45 nights at time. The days never expire, and can be used at any time.

“What we’re asking our members to do is make a vacation decision. Other clubs are asking their members to make an investment decision to go on vacation,” said Andy Ellwood, One Key’s vice president of membership at the company’s Preston Center location.
While One Key doesn’t require a deposit, its per-night rate is significantly higher, sometimes double, what a member at a deposit-required club would pay.
Ellwood said one segment of the vacationing market that’s finding One Key’s plan useful is families that have a second home, but don’t want to always go there to vacation.
“They use us as a sort of Home 2.5,” he said.
Destination clubs, in all their various forms, are providing travelers opportunities to relax in exotic locations around the world, without the hassles that comes with world travel....

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