Wind Energy Opportunities

Great news in the wind energy industry right here in the state of Texas

Texas Approves Major New Wind Power Project

There is a commonly referred to phrase regarding the fact that pressure and strenuous forces are responsible for making diamonds. These current economic times will do the exact same. There has never been more opportunity than there is right now. When we have a booming economy and everything is working, so great ideas and some terrific businesses don't last long enough to stick. But now, in a time when the strong survive and the chicken littles run for cover, there is more money to be made than any economist or CNBC new anchor can fathom. Great fortunes are going to be made in the next five years and a new class of the super rich with graduate from the school of hard knocks. It is all about looking to the past for the patterns and the stories of those who have done it before, sizing up their story, and outting your own plan in place to follow in the well worn path of American ingenuity.