When I am 80

When I am 80 I hope I am driving debate, changing policy, and stepping on as many toes as my new hero T. Boone Pickens. I have been on board with alternative energy policy and even dabbled in a couple of fairly significant conversations about where the market is heading in this field over the past few months with some entrepreneurs deeply entrenched in the opportunity that it represents.
I was talking with a friend recently about the election and while last fall I cared a lot about the issue and the policy positions that each and every primary candidate held (primarily because my job required it at that point) now I have narrow it down and really only care about their energy policy. I am sure that there are a bunch of other issues that are important, and if asked to, I could probably tell you where Obama and McCain stand on them. But really when you boil it down, their energy policy affects everything else: the economy, foreign policy, national security...etc. I believe that it is the most important issue at hand and that is why as soon as I saw Mr. Pickens officially launch his plan for energy independence I was all over it. He is driving debate and making people think in ways that politicians tied to special interests and lobbyist never could. (Add that to the list of reasons to be wealthy)
This is going to shape the conversations and the debates that take place this fall. Join up with Mr. Pickens and become part of the solution and part of the cure for the sickness that is our current energy situation. Sign up to be a part of the army at www.pickensplan.com and watch this video to get an idea for where this movement is heading