Recent Recommendations

“Andy Ellwood is someone to know. In the brief time that I've been fortunate to work with Andy, he has done what many attempt and few achieve: he has delivered on what he has said he would do. Seems simple enough, right? It isn't and most people fail before they begin. Why? Two simple reasons: 1) They fail in preparation to understand the commitment their making and 2) Once over committed, they lose faith in the constant environment of failure that is sales. Think of it, even the greatest closers ever fail 90% of the time they engage a potential end user. It’s tough and it takes a smart, tough, driven professional like Andy Ellwood to succeed. I highly recommend that anyone who comes in contact with Andy Ellwood to get to know him because he is worth knowing. I'm glad I do.- Jay Sapovits; Owner, One Key

"I enjoyed meeting Andy and was really impressed with his customer care. i enjoy deluxe travel (and am a bit spoiled) so Andy's attention to detail and follow up was very much appreciated. Andy's a very pleasant person do work with." - Marcos Rodriguez; Capitalist & Serial Entrepreneur - Aspen Colorado

“Andy is very thorough and professional in his ability to meet deadlines and worked very well with me to explain all details of his product to me. He was always patient and kind in his demeanor and was the deciding factor for me to make a purchase decision in an educated manner.” - Sanjay Meshri; Owner, Advance Research Chemicals, Inc.