Get outside the box

"There ain't no rules around here. We're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas Edison A couple of weeks ago when leaving the Highland Park Village Starbucks (the absolute best place for who's who Dallas people watching) with one such who's who, we bumped into another who's who on her way in for a cup of coffee before her oh so terribly busy day. I had not met this woman before, but had heard her name. She had of course left her business cards in her Lexus so I did something I never do, gave her one of mine without asking for some way to contact her. Over the past couple of weeks I managed to track down an email address for her and sent her three email with no response. Each email was very professional and in perfect form. Today, being a feisty mood, I said to heck with it and wrote an email without some sarcasm and inside joke humor that dropped all pretenses of etiquette and then filed her contact info in the trash. Three minutes later I had a response from her and a meeting set for coffee. Just goes to show, outside the box is way more fun and productive sometimes.