Father's Day

This morning, Father's Day, I went to church with my parents at Chase Oaks Church (formerly Fellowship Bible Church North) and the sermon was on, surprise surprise, Fatherhood. Each and every time that advice is given on being a father, whether from the pulpit, from a lectern, or in a book, I smile and do my best to pay attention. I don't nod off because I am not interested but because the opinions shared on what it means to be a wonderful father are very familiar to me. Both my brother Peter and I commented on the way home from church that we don't need much advice on how to be a father because we were fortunate enough to have the dad we do that has modeled what it means to be an amazing father for us for our entire lives. If all we do is do our best to be like Dad, we will be incredible fathers too. (Thanks DAD!!!)
In honor of Father's Day and all the manhood and testosterone there by associated with it, here is a gift idea that I found to be wonderfully amusing and timely.

Personally I am sending away for the "Chuck Norris Sweat" Mandle.