Thursday morning thoughts

It is a choice. When things are up and when things are down, how we respond and what we do with our new found circumstances is a choice that we get to make. We may not have control over the changes that are made, but we do have control over the way we respond to those changes. In accepting that control and understanding that we are not the victims of fate easily cast about on whatever wave comes crashing in today, we in turn resist and reject the world greatest lie. At no point do we ever lose the title of "the masters of our destiny," but for too many people, they just give it up. The world greatest lie is that at some point what you do in your day to day world doesn't effect or elicit change in your life and that you are subject to being a reactionary character in your life's screen play, always responding to, but never initiating the plot. It is with that mindset that the majority of people go through life, not seeking the higher calling, but accepting and settle for what is already here. Everyday we are making choices and choosing paths that are deepening the ruts in our lives or adding a spring to our step. My decision this morning to get Italian Roast at Starbucks instead of the new Pike's Place will keep my morning interesting for the next few days as my Baristas question which I will choose tomorrow. My choice to go with Johnny Walker last night instead of Kirin with my sushi ended up being a great call, but maybe not a predictable one. It is in the constant growing and changing that we all are going through at all points in life that I have come to see the most clarity and joy. Some may point to all of the volatility in my life right now as a 'phase' that hopefully I will pull out of soon, and that is not far off the mark. But I hope that the change and the volatility that I have come to respect as the catalyst for growth is never far from me in the future. Life is not about finding the answers, life is about asking the questions. Life is not about achieving comfort, life is about pushing on for the next plateau and growing along the way. Life is not about avoiding change and pain, life is about dealing with it and coming out on top any way.