Pike's Place of Torment

Starbucks recently created the "perfect brew" to embody their coffee and represent the brand with consistency of quality. I hate it. Pike's Place has a pleasant taste when it first touches your lips and even a mild after taste, but it also coats your mouth like motor oil after about three sips. The real reason they did away with the "Coffee of the Day" is because they wanted to give the Baristas a break. As a former Barista, it is a beating to make the "COD" each morning and evening and have it be a different brew. As a customer, I love the variety of Verona, Sumatra, Casa Cielo, Gold Coast, Ethiopian Sidoma, Arabian Mocha Java, and the Anniversary Blend. It switch up the morning and exposed me to different tastes and allowed me to develop the refined coffee pallet I have. So now, being the nonconformist that I am, the Baristas hate me. In addition to Pike Place, the everyday all day motor oil coating brew, they also brew one other roast. If you ask for a Venti Coffee, they will give you Pike's Place. If you look, one of the carafes will have a different label on it, something other than Pike's Place. That is what I order, even if I have to wait like I did this morning. This is usually meet with a glare and a "why can't you just be a submissive customer" look. So as I sip on my Casa Cielo this morning enjoying the bold start and smooth finish with low acidity, I am smiling because Starbucks may have sold out, but I won't.