Man Crush Alert

From time to time you get the fortunate privilege of being one of the first to know about something. It is one of my favorite things when someone say, "Not many people know about this but..." and proceed to trust me with a little tidbit that is of interest to me. When the news came down that the Rangers had traded away their top pitching prospect for a drug rehabbing Center fielder from Cincinnati, I was immediately intrigued. I thought about being mad, and based on John Daniels deal making abilities of the past I might have not been that far off. But being intrigued my ears perked up throughout the entire off season when ever Josh Hamilton's name came across the news wire or on the Ticket tickers (yes, I am a P1 and proud of it) Knowing that I was the only one in my three fantasy baseball leagues that had heard of Hamilton, I waited until the late rounds of each draft to pick him up and now I look like the pre-season genius. He has a tremendous story this week in Sports Illustrated that is definitely worth the read. Check it out by clicking HERE