Tiger's throwing me off

"A tradition unlike an any other." I can just hear Jim Nantz's voice enthusiastically speaking these words as CBS comes back from commercial break during the Final Four. I am sitting in my living room watching the final groups make their bid for the green jacket and the win at the 2008 Master's in Augusta GA. When I started watching a couple of hours ago, Tiger Woods was 6 strokes back. He made an amazing shot for birdie at 11 and then looked like he had himself in the perfect spot to put some pressure on the leaders with an birdie on 12. He missed the 4 foot put. Then he went on to boogie number 14 and barring the most ridiculous meltdown by Immelman and an even more historic climb by Tiger, Tiger is going to miss the first Major of the season and take away his chance for the perfect season. But that doesn't seem right. He is TIGER WOODS. He owns golf. He is the most dominant sports figure in history and it is really throwing off my Sunday afternoon to not have him in complete command of the field. Can you imagine what it would be like to be that good? To have perfected and honed in your skill, your talent, in such a way that it seems wrong to have someone else getting the victory? He is just amazing. I might have a man crush.