The True Challenge

As a sales executive, there has been no greater pleasure than meeting a worthy challenge and closing them. When I worked for TFG-Dallas, I loved selling to sales people. They didn't have time for lines or clever whitisisms, but they always acknowledged when your responses was better than their objections. Now with One Key, I do not have as large a pool of prospects to work with just based on the level at which my clients and prospects operate. But being in a more unique positions has differentiated me the rest of the sales professionals out there. I am the only person in the State of Texas that can offer the experiences and vacations that One Key's Members enjoy.
But along with that, I am also now the target of other sales professionals. People seem to always be wanting me to sponsor events, buy advertising, or join their group. This is a new problem that I am thoroughly enthralled with tackling. I think that I enjoy being sold almost as much as I enjoy selling. I love first meetings and follow up. I think that there are a lot of great strategies out there and I lear a lot from those that are trying to sell me. Both what to do, and unfortunately, more often than not, what not to do.
Everyone that you come into contact with is an opportunity to learn. If someone is trying to sell you something, remember this, they are just doing their job. Treat them with diginity and respect. Good sales people are used to hearing "No", it comes with the territory. But you never know how their day has been or what is going on in the rest of theirs lives. If the answer is "No" then just tell them and don't waste their time.
We are given the opportunity every day to build people up or tear them down. The next time you are being pitched, do the right thing, give them the chance, and then be up front with them, you never know when they may be someone that you need something from one day.
"People hate being sold, but they sure do love to buy." - Jeffrey Gitomer