Barbershop TMI

I got my hairs cut on Saturday afternoon and spent the traditional $12.95. While Betel took a little bit off the top and blended the sides, she and I had to bite our lips to not let on that we heard every word that "Brock" was sharing with Shaqueena. "Brock" had a friend, a litigation attorney in Chicago, who has been pretty stressed out recently. In fact, his friend, recently had a large clump of his hair fall out last month and is currently having to comb his hair in a creative way to not let anyone in his firm know that he is missing a 2x2 swath on the top of his head. "Brock" was quite concerned about this level of stress and has recently started taking bathes with scented candles and soft jazz music. As he described a recent bath and some of the thoughts he had had about life, Betel literally had to stop cutting my hair so compose herself. I am glad she did because I was fighting to keep my own laughter from being verbalized as well. "Brock" is also going to grow his beard out this month, he said that he though of that in the bath. So as I paid for my cut and Shaqueena took her customer back for a shampoo, Betel and I were finally able to let out a couple of hearty laughs and agree that there is such a thing as To Much Information, even in a barbershop.