What you want

You're softer than a cannon blastBut your effects much longer last And I want you just like a hole in my head But I need you like a meal and a bed And you say, "Come on, I'm not what you're after." But I know you're not just anyone, anyone

(chorus) But I'm not what you want No, I'm not anyone But if you needed me Then I could be someone

And you're an army in a horse And you have taken me by force And all the freedom in this world could not resist The sweet temptation of your sweet elusiveness So I say "Come on!" as the gate swings open Cause I know you're not just anyone, anyone

(bridge) And the lie's always cheaper than the truth But the lie's all I've ever known of you Maybe none of this is true

Caedmon's Call - Long Line of Leavers