Ode to the Morning After

It has been a really long week. I was a little bit worn down from the pressure and the intensity of the week While there were a lot of things that came to mind as the perfect way to relieve some stress, one stood out from the rest. Not only would I be able to enjoy it that night, but also the morning after. It was amazing. Perfect. There couldn't have been a better time to go get a "Hot and Ready" pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars. So hen I got home last night sat down to devoured my savory pie, I knew that the best was still yet to come. As I closed the box and put the remaining slices in the fridge I smiled because I knew that this morning when I got up there would be morning after cold pizza for breakfast. Oh what joy filled my soul as I thought about the prospect of it. The second to last thought on my mind as I feel into a deep sleep was that my roommate had better not eat the last slice like he did last week. The last thought before I dozed off into a beautiful sleep was "breakfast pizza, yes!" And so this morning as I returned from my workout with Venti coffee in hand, I opened the refrigerator door and the heavens erupted with trumpet blasts and the angel's chorus. What a beautiful sight to behold, what an incredible joy was about to be mine.

And it was everything I had dreamed it would be.