Real vs. Fake - 1 year later

About a year ago, I was reacting to and reeling from the shock that I felt when my family sat me down and told me that we were now a "fake Christmas tree family" and they hoped that I could accept their decision as the best thing for all of us. (read my agony here) It was a really trying time and something that took me awhile to get over.
Now, sitting in my family's living room, I thought I would share a little update. Across the room from me is the fake Christmas tree. It looks real. It has the same ornaments, the same lights, and even the same tree skirt that we used to have on our real trees. The presents seem to be as plentiful and the multi-colored Christmas lights still cast the same fun shadows on the wood paneling of the room.
One year later, I have a whole new perspective. I feel like I have had a crazy year that has given me the chance to really explore a lot of options. I think that this year has led me to challenge and really think through a lot of the beliefs that I have stubbornly held onto just because that is the way that I have always done things. There have been so many chances this year to just take the easy road and quit growing and changing, but I am excited about pushing through and thinking through some very challenging decisions and circumstances even when it was uncomfortable and really trying on myself and those that I love.
So this year, if you want to have a fake tree, go for it. If that is what you feel is the right decision for you, cool, knock yourself out. The last thing that we need is to bicker and fight about things that don't really matter. The only thing worse than that, is to just settle for the way things always have been for the very reason that they have always been and change is uncomfortable. So this Christmas season, change something. Do it a little bit different and create a gift for yourself that you will appreciate for years to come, the ability to adapt and grow and become an even better version of you.
Merry Christmas.