Mark Cuban: Tax Genius?

When I listen to the babble and the rabble that tend to come to the forefront of American culture in election season, I tend to tune it out. Regardless of how ridiculous or valid the points that the endless stream of talking heads and pundits make, it all gets filed in the "prove it" file and I don't really believe them until they actually do it. This is like the regular season and all that really matters are the playoffs. Last year, the Dallas Mavericks had an amazing regular season and lost the hated Golden State Warriors in the first round. San Antonio ended up walking all over the rest of the West and taking their much deserved Championship. Much deserved because they played well in the regular season, and they played lights out in the post season, when it actually matter and when the pressure was on.
Recently, some of the most interesting and thought provoking sources have been unexpected. Who would have thought that Charles Barkley could keep me entertained and enthralled with his broadcast unprofessionalism and off the cuff witticisms. I never figured that I would learn as much as I did earlier this fall working for a company without a clue as I did (read into that: THANK GOD ITS OVER). And I never thought I would look to Mark Cuban, the flamboyant owner of the Dallas Maverick, as a source for a new perspective on tax policy.
Mark's blog about taxes spurred some great discussion on the comments board and left me amused at the way he talked about buying his $40,000,000 jet in the same terminology that I talk about buying gas for my car.