Traveling, Mormons, and the Cowboys

I am sitting in the Boise, Idaho airport right now (which has free WiFi - how great is that!) and in look back over the past week of travel it is all kind of a blur. I left Dallas to go to Salt Lake City for a couple of days to do some work in the RunPolitics home office. Salt Lake City has a great walkable downtown, but a severe lack of Starbucks locations due to the Mormon church not having an appreciation of the joys of caffeine:

“We know that cola drinks contain the drug caffeine. We know caffeine is not wholesome nor prudent for the use of our bodies. It is only sound judgment to conclude that cola drinks and any others that contain caffeine or other harmful ingredients should not be used.” LDS Info

From SLC I took a round about trip to Reno. Reno is a one hour flight from SLC. Southwest Airlines only has one direct flight on that route each day, so I took a one hour flight from SLC to Las Vegas and then another one hour flight from LAs Vegas to Reno creating an equilateral triangle of flights.
For three days I attended the Conservative Leadership Conference and represented RunPolitics to those in attendance. Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter, Dick Armey, and Alan Keyes were some of the speakers. There were a lot of Libertarians in attendance and the speaker's messages were tailored accordingly.
I was suppose to fly back to SLC through Las Vegas again this afternoon, but then I saw that the Cowboys/Patriots game was going to be on while I was in the air, and that just wasn't going to work (esp. since I watched the Cowboys' amazing Monday night comback on ESPN gamecast and had no idea how amazing it was until I called my brother back in Texas, where they actually appreciate competitive sports and not just the Olympics) So I caught the earlier flight from Reno to SLC, but this time it took me to Boise. But I will be on the ground in time to grab a beer and plop myself in front of a TV and cheer on my hometown team.
Traveling leads to so many great stories and such a great understanding of how huge and diverse the world is. I am very fortunate to have grown up traveling and knowing how to travel is a great skill to have. There are so many idiots at hotels, in airports, and on planes it amazes me. I saw a guy argue with a TSA representative in the security line that his watch didn't need to come off and that it didn't have a bomb in it. She quickly yelled "Male Assist, double code blue" and ushered him into the glass cubicle where he was greeted by two very large and none too happy TSA men that keep him there for another twenty minutes. When he ran past me to make his flight I couldn't help but laughing out loud. Just take off the watch!
For some more incredible stories about the amazing people you meet when traveling, check my girlfriend Annie Fitzsimmons blog. She is a magnet for incredible stories and Good People.