The Starbucks Mood

When I used to make coffee at home (that is past tense, as in I don't anymore) it was always from Starbucks coffee beans. Sumatra, Yukon, Komodo Dragon, or my favorite Verona. The Starbucks beans are just better than anything anyone else is putting out there. Then my Starbucks coffee maker broke and they recalled it. I got my $110 back went to Starbucks for 55 days in a row and spent my $2.00 on my Viente drip. Now I am officially addicted like I was when I worked at Starbucks in London the summer of 2004. Now I officially don't care that people think it is over priced for a 20 oz. cup of water tainted by beans. It is a part of my day and a part of me. If I have a slower morning and can spare 30 minutes I love to enjoy my coffee actually at Starbucks and hang out in my "Third Place." It is not just the coffee or the people that make me feel at home, it is the music. The music is the perfect background to the thousands of thoughts that race through my head as I sip my Verona and think through my day. And now, for a very limited time, I can take home the music that fuels my thoughts and furthers my dreams. The Starbucks song of the day is changing my iTunes library day by day and giving me the clarity that I used to only get at Starbucks in my office or on the go in my ipod. If you haven't been paying attention, here are all the DETAILS.
(Disclaimer: I am not currently employed by Starbucks and I received no compensation for sharing my love of Starbucks coffee. The views and opinions expressed here are completely my own and may only be moderately influenced by what they put in the water that makes you a "regular" and a "loyalist" to brand.)