Someone give me a pack of Malboros

I am going to go buy a pack of Malboros, book a flight to Calabasas, CA, and light up on city hall's front lawn. I don't smoke, but in protest of big government and the rights of individuals I am going to start.

California cities vote on smoking ban in apartments
Two California cities are pushing anti-smoking legislation to previously unseen limits by banning tenants from lighting up inside apartment buildings...

I am all for people not having to breath second hand smoke if they don't want to. I think that most people if given the choice between the smoking or non-smoking section at a restaurant will pick the non-smoking section. I think that some people wouldn't go to a restaurant if it didn't have a smoking section and as a result, the owner of the restaurant has one. That is the market working. That is letting the consumer decide. That is free market capitalism.

What has happened here in Dallas by the city government banning smoking from all restaurants. Why? Because they don't want people to have to breath second hand smoke. Okay, that is a good reason. If they want to make all governmental and city buildings smoke free, that is within their jurisdiction. But if I am a restaurant owner and I want to allow people to smoke in my smoking section, I should be allowed to. If people were really that concerned about breathing in second hand smoke they wouldn't come to my restaurant. And if I was losing money because I allowed smoking, then I would make a choice to not allow it myself. If as a restaurant owner I decided that I wanted to not allow smoking in my restaurant because, well heck, for any reason, then as the owner of the property, I could make that choice.

There is no reason for the government, city, state, or national to tell business owners whether they can or cannot allow smoking on their premises. But these most recent cases in California are absolutely ridiculous and take big government attempt to control to a whole new level. If this is actually the problem that they seem to think it is, make smoking tobacco completely illegal and be done with it.