Hilary wins thanks to James Dobson

This weekend James Dobson and the rest of the over the top right wing leaders with their close minded agendas met in Salt Lake City to make a decision to not support "a pro-choice candidate." They instead will form a third party and take all their followers with them. Now, it has long been the suspicion that the right wing fundies would make some kind of power play to flex their political muscle and show that they are upset. But start a third party over one issue?
A couple of weeks ago James Dobson made another sweeping statement blasting Fred Thompson for being Fred Thompson. Dr. Dobson didn't attack his stance on issues, but rather his ability to give a speech. "He couldn't talk his way out of a paper bag." I am pretty sure that isn't focusing on the family.
What about Mike Huckabee? Why not support the fun loving former governor from Arkansas that closely aligns with their agenda? What would be wrong with helping him get the attention he needs at least be considered for the nomination and keep the Republican house united.
No, division seems to be the choice.

Welcome to America, our President's name is Hiliary Clinton.

But wait...maybe that is what they want. Maybe the extreme right is vested in a moderate right loss during this election cycle. They'd sell more books, they'd receive more in contributions, they would definitely have the ear of the party while Hilary is president...
Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Some truth to it? Maybe.