Shoplifting Knowledge

Annie and I love Barnes and Noble. We are almost becoming regulars. There is a guy that we have decided to call "Scott" that we see at our Barnes and Noble every single time we're there. "Scott" drives a 1993 two door Honda civic and lives in Richardson and manages a small IT team at a local corporation where he's worked for 11 years, but he really loves books about Russia and anything there, or at least that is the story that we've made up about him. Annie and I have a routine. We walk in together, split up to find out reading of choice, and reunite in the cafe (which serves Starbucks coffee) at the corner table by the window. I usually bring three books from the business section and a magazine that has an article that caught my eye. Annie usually has five or six magazines and a travel book about one of her favorite destinations (and there are quite a few, so I never know which one it is going to be.) Most of the time after about the third paragraph I realize that my reading experience will be aided by caffeine. When I get back with some variety of coffee I tend to be more successful at putting on my 'thinking cap.' After Annie has finished her magazines and I've jotted some notes on a napkin, we put our books back and head out. We don't buy anything usually, except my coffee. But we leave with a little more insight into our world and an excitement that there is a lot more to learn next time we go to Barnes and Noble to shop lift knowledge.