What Your Starbucks Drink Says About You - It is often said that dogs and their owners end up looking a like. How people think of themselves and what they drive definitely have some correlation. But as I sat at Starbucks this morning reading the weekend edition of the WSJ (which is always a great way to start a Saturday) I observed and thoroughly enjoyed the overwhelming stereotypes and predictability that came from the customer and their ensuing drink order.

Tall Decaf Latte - Recently retired man also buying a NYT to read on the porch.

Triple Viente Soy Raspberry Latte - Either a green friendly vegan feminist or a gay man who went out too hard last night.

Grande Caramel Frappuccino - Either a fourteen year old cheerleader with braces and a fake LV purse or a 28 year old computer programmer treating himself for beating Halo II last night.

Solo Veinte Non-fat Sugar Free Vanilla Extra Hot 1.5 Splenda Latte - Highland Park Mom who just finished her work out and is talking on her bluetooth headset while ordering.

Tall Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with Whip - The guy who doesn't like coffee but goes to Starbucks because everyone else is and wants to order something so he too can be cool.

Doppio con Panna and a tall Ice water - A cute couple in their seventies dressed up like they're coming from church, but really they dress like that everyday.

Viente Black Coffee - That's my drink. The largest size, the strongest drink.