HUGE Decision to make

In sixteen months I have to make a decision. It is going to be a potentially big decision and one that a lot of other people are going to make as well. It is a decision that is going to shape the next four years of my life and have a huge impact on the entire rest of my life. It is a decision that is going to have an effect on my kids and the quality of their lives and the quality of the lives of their children. It is going to effect how I do business, how I make and spend my money, how I pay for things, and where I travel and when. There is not really any part of my future that won't be touched in some way by this decision.And right now, I kinda just don't care. I don't know who I am going to vote for in November of next year. I don't even know what my actual choices are. I also don't know that I can really have an impact on giving myself the choices that I want anyway. Politics is just going to happen right? And the impact that I can make on the situation is minimal at best. I am not going to write a letter to my congressman or senator. I am probably not going to stand on a corner near a polling booth and hold a sign for a candidate that I have never meet, even if I agree with him on most issues. Politics and our government is not currently "of the people" and I think that needs to change.