ONCE - While in Scottsdale for Memorial Day with Annie and her family I went and saw “Once.” Annie’s older brother lives in Hollywood and is a great source for all sorts of tidbits and news on how things really work in the industry and what is really going on in the land of glitz and glamour. Greg was in town for the weekend and insisted that we all go see this movie. He had already seen it twice and was so pumped about it that he offered to buy tickets for us all to go on Sunday afternoon. We got to the theatre with plenty of time for all eight of us (we roll with quite a posse when everyone is in town) to get seated on the same row. All I knew about the movie before it got started was what Annie’s younger brother Timmy had told me, “An Irish musical that has done really well at the festivals and Greg likes it.” The key phrase in there for me is “Greg liked it.” That means two things to me when coming from Timmy: Timmy is going to like it and I am not going to get it.
“Once” tells the story of two individuals from two different places in life that are unified by the music that they make together. Their harmonies heal the wounds of past relationships. It is an amazing story that I actually now consider to be incredible and really got me pumped about the fact that I saw a movie that most of the world hasn’t heard much about it. I didn’t just find it to be good; I found it to be great. But to be honest, that is the conclusion that I came to four days later. While watching the movie I leaned over to Annie and said, “What is the point? Is there going to be a plot injected into the ramblings of this story anytime soon?” Walking out to the car I could see the ecstasy on Timmy’s face, Greg have been right again! Another amazing movie uncovered by our Hollywood insider. In the car I looked at Annie and told her that it was fun to spend time with her family, but what was the point of that movie? Fast forward four days. I bought the soundtrack. I didn’t buy the soundtrack for fact that I liked the movie. I bought the soundtrack because the music had been haunting me. While watching the movie it was not apparent to me that the music was as great as I know believe it to be, it was just part of the movie. After downloading the music from iTunes I immediately began listening through the songs and in the most vivid pictures in my imagination I saw each scene from the movie. A couple days after that, I couldn’t think without having the music as the soundtrack for my every waking thought. As I am typing this I am singing the second song from the album. But, that being said, I give a whole hearted two thumbs up to “Once” and agree with Timmy that Greg was right. (editing by anniefitzsimmons)