Keep on keeping on - When I set out towards a goal, I normally have such a fire about it that I become obsessed and recruit others to the cause and we can get all excited about what it is that we are heading out towards. When I sit down and brainstorm my business plan for the next three months, I usually stick to it for six weeks and then wonder what happened. When I get fired up and start going to the gym, I normally go for two weeks or until someone comments that I must be working, which ever comes first, and then I stop. I love pushing and striving to see results in my life. Whether it be financially, physically, or educationally, I love seeing progress. But I know, that so many times I sell myself short of achieving what I had ultimately set out to acheive by scaling back my intentions once I reach a place that I can settle for, a place that is viewed by myself and by others as above average and pretty good. But, that is something that I am working to change. No champion ever became the champion by being the best he could be and then stopped being the best when someone noticed that they were pretty good. Champions become champions because they have the incredible ability to push themselves and make themselves better, even when everyone else is very impressed with them just the way they are. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be Tiger Woods. He has won 3 out of 6 golf tournaments this year on the tour. 3 out of 6! And when he came in second place at the Masters this year by 2 stokes, he had played one of the worst weekends of golf in his career. I love reading about the lives of champions. I love hearing the stories about the Tipping Point (Great book by Malcolm Gladwell) in their lives and their careers and then wondering about what it is going to be for me. The recent surge of excitement surrounding the new and exciting book "The Secret" is because the book has a lot to do with starting and not a lot to do with finishing. I do enjoy books that encourage you to think outside the box and to dream big, in fact I eat them up and reread them often, but, I don't like this one. If you want a really good book about chasing your dreams and planing your work and working your plan, read the classic "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. It is one of the best books I have ever read. "Success requires no explanation. Failure permits no alibis."