This is an actual phone call that took place last night between me and my girlfriend:

Andy: Hello
Annie: Hey baby, are you still at the party?
Andy: Yeah, it is pretty cool. How was dinner?
Annie: It was good, it is so great to see Meghan again. What are you doing?
Andy: Getting a hand massage
Annie: What? Where?
Andy: In the closet
Annie: At the party?
Andy: Um, yeah.
Annie: And who may I ask is giving you a hand massage at the party?
Andy: Jessica. She says that I have big hands.
Annie: Excuse me?

This is the stuff that sitcoms are made of. I was in the closet at a party getting a hand massage by Jessica. But a little context will bring light to why this is not so shady. I was at an open house party at the W Dallas Residences. The party was sponsored by Luxus home furnishings and by the W’s hotel spa Bliss. Jessica worked for Bliss and she and Lilly were giving hand massages at as a party favor in the rather large closet off the master bed room. But, to Annie, and to the other four people in the closet with me, the party favor was the potentially scandalous phone call.