NBA Playoffs Thoughts - One of my least favorite things when playing Texas hold 'em poker is playing with someone that doesn't know how to play. They bet when they shouldn't bet. They don't know if they won when they flip their cards. They think that they lost with their three of a kind, failing to see the full house that really wins the hand for them. They bet like a maniac and are just out to have some fun, but they don't take it seriously. There is something about the mix of ignorance and insanity that makes it terribly annoying to play against. All strategy is thrown out the window and you just have to dumb yourself down to play on your senses, emotions, and raw feelings.

Golden State is up 61-48 at half time in game 3 of the Mavs and Warriors' 7 game series. The Warriors are terribly undisciplined and look like circus monkeys the way they swing themselves and the ball around the court. They don't set up plays and the run the floor like the tax man is chasing them. (Which if you ask me, I think that Stephen Jackson probably does) The thugs that Nelson is throwing out on the court must be whispering threats about David Hasslehoff to Dirk. They all have that stupid gum chewing smile and smug mischievous look after they finished paying off the refs for the night, especially the guy on the bench side of the court.

When ever playing someone with of less skill, less talent, and less natural ability, always remember that it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

I really hate the Golden State Warriors.

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!