My Sister - On August 26th in the brand new terminal D at DFW International Airport under the forty foot pewter wishbone was the last time that my parents, my sister, my two brothers, and myself were all in the same place. After some smiles and some tears we watched Katie go through airport security and head around the corner to a waiting airplane that took her to Northern Ireland. The five of us stayed just outside the terminal to collect our thoughts that we weren't going to be all together again until Katie came home a year later. When I was in college and I'd come home for the weekend we would always figure out when the next time the six of us would all gather at the dining room table for a family meal next. It was usually no more than a month or two. But twelve? Wow. A couple of weeks ago Peter was home from ACU for the weekend and the five state side Ellwoods had dinner. It was great, but we sure do miss Katie. But we are so proud of her and we know that she's exactly where she needs to be that there is comfort in that. Katie is serving in Northern Ireland in the city of Belfast with Youth for Christ. She is working with kids in the community and with St. Jude's Parish Church. Check out her website for some awesome stories and pictures of all that is going on over there, I am not only excited about what all is going on over there, but I am excited about going over there during the holidays this year. I am flying to London the day after Christmas and will spend eight days with Katie in Northern Ireland and England! I miss Katie a lot. She is one of my best friends. I am going to have to give credit for our awesome friendship to my '85 Chevy Silverado that I had in highschool. When I bought my sophomore year I had to start taking Katie every where with me. Katie and I are exactly two years apart, she was born on my second birthday, and I asked for a box of crayons, but in the long run I am much happier with a sister... =) But because I had to take Katie with me we ended up talking on the way home. Then we started what we ended up referring to a social home work. She'd get all the girls opinions on things, I'd get all the guys opinions, and we'd figure out how to handle situations driving up and down Parker Road in my Chevy. That was fun. I am not sure if there will be an '85 Chevy in Northern Ireland, but I am really excited to see Katie. Check out her website and then check back often for ways that you can continue praying for her. Thanks, I'd appreciate you doing that because she's my favorite sister ever!