The Sickness - When you know something that could change someone’s life, shouldn’t you tell them? If having a conversation with them could rescue them from a cancer they don’t even know about, would you risk rejection to inform them? What if it was awkward the next time you saw them? What if because of what you said they didn’t ever want to see you again? Would you be glad that you had tried to help even though they shunned you? Or would you rather watch them die slowly as their friend? What if they knew that something was wrong with them and they were secretly looking for the answer? Do you think they would be upset if you told them? What if they knew you had the answer, but were afraid to ask? Do you think they would still think that you were their friend if you didn’t tell them the truth?
Do I live like the healed or the sick? A sick person isn’t going to ask another sick person if they have the cure. They are not going to look to the guy on the stretcher next to them and assume that he has the answer for the situation. A sick person is going to look for the ones that have survived from the sickness and are living life as a survivor. If I am living as a survivor of a sure death, why am I hiding the miracle? Why am I not doing commercials with my life for the doctor that healed me? He saved me from a disease that was sure to take me out. He didn’t charge me a thing to rescue me either. All he asks of me is to live well and live full, to live a life of exception that will give me the chance to tell people my story and about my doctor. I am afraid that if I tell the sick about my cure that they won’t like me. I am afraid that they will think that I am judging them for still being sick. I am questioning whether I should interrupt their diseased lives and tell them they it could be different. But if I am not telling them, then who is? It is a lot easier for me to hang out with other people that are survivors of the sickness than it is to go back and talk to people that are still sick. I like the health people because we can all talk about how awful it was to be sick and how much better we think life is as the healthy ones. But if we truly believe that, shouldn’t we be telling sick people how they can get better and join us?