In the month since I left my time in London I have had a chance to look back and see the amazing time that I had there and have begun to get a glimpse into how much of an adventure this summer was. I left London with fifty cents and I arrive home to my loving family after a twelve hour plane ride. It was quite an adjustment and still is. Things are much more comfortable here in this world that I would have called normal before this summer. Meals are cooked with regularity. My car is always ready just outside my house to transport me, and only me, anywhere I should choose to go. My bed is comfortable and in a room with no other beds. I can call, even see, just about all of my friends and family anytime that I want to and not have to worry about added surcharges on my calling card. My clothes hang in a closet, not in a backpack. And the list goes on. Things that I have come expect from life now mean a little bit more and I realize what a blessing it is to be an American college student. I knew that it was special and that I am one of the privileged few in this world that can claim that status, but I didn’t actually know it to the point of belief until I got outside of the bubble that I live in full of American college students. When I stepped foot into the strange new world that became my home for ten weeks I had no idea what I was doing and no idea how I would pull me through. But I did. In hindsight now I can see so clearly that everything that happened this summer happened for a reason. When I got fired from Starbucks I was pretty happy with myself and that I had found a job in London in two days, and that I was making money to support me and my journeys this summer. When in truth it had been prepared the whole way for me and opened doors I didn’t even know to pray about long before I even realized I was stepping through them.  There were a few days specifically that I didn’t know if I would eat.  It wasn’t about me, and now life back in the comforts of my home is still not about me. It took taken me out into the wilderness of this world for me to see how truly blessed I am. It was a time that cleared up things in my head and to deal with issues in my heart. It is a time that I will look back on for the rest of my life as my adventure with the great unknown.  Go do something that you can’t imagine yourself doing because it would mean that you will be alone and in unfamiliar waters. Go tackle an adventure that makes your heart leap when it is mention.  If there is anyway that I can exhort you to walk to the edge of your faith and jump into thin air without any promises there to catch you, then let me know and I’ll do what I can to push you over the edge.