A bit of an update. The day that I went out with my power tie, (see the previous post) I walked into a temp agency and was given a job that was called in while I was sitting there. I started the next day, isn’t God good. What I am doing is working as a Correspondent Consultant in the Communications department of the Royal Military Pension Charity handling the incoming response from an international advertising campaign. That is ‘resume talk’ for I open mail and send out pamphlets. But is a great job, I make more than I did at Starbucks and I have a much more relaxed and professional admisphere to work in. During my first three days on the job I had an entire conference room to myself, and then the past two days I have been working in a office amongst the Welfare division. It is a spare desk and works wonderfully for my purposes. I noticed something through during my move from the downstairs conference room to my desk. I noticed that I was more effective and productive during my first day at the desk than the previous day in the conference room. Now part of that was that I had a little experience under my belt, but the other part was I was surrounded by others also working. Being around other people and having people walking by my desk every other minute caused me to be more consistent with my work and that caused me to be more productive. Now we all weren’t doing the same thing, but there was good work culture. Being surrounded by people with a common purpose encouraged me to perform at a higer standard than when I was alone. Being on your own with a huge task can be overwhelming and just the slightest encouragement can keep you going. The same has been true for me in the bigger picture here in London and in the bigger picture of life. Here in London I was having a really challenging time with my walk before I meet some other believers. In life I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by people that are running the same race that I am and are spuring me and one another on.  I am learned many things during my time here, and I have learned how much I take for granted living where I do, but one thing that I am do take for granted and can not wait for is some solid fellowship. Some times you don’t know what you have until it is gone.