As you can see, everything is different, even the way to write the date . I have been in London officially for 48 hours now. It has been non-stop since the moment I walked off the plane. Life in College Station is nice and slow and relaxing compared to the insanity that takes place here on a day to day basis. 4.5 million people commute to the centre of the city each day from the neighboring broughs and subrubs. I have been riding the tube (subway) a lot as I am out on the street looking for jobs. I am really tall. My head basically touches the top of the car as I stand over all of the locals. I was out on the town yesterday for nine hours and I was being rejected the whole time. Only one place even gave me an interview. Then I hung out at the hostel the rest of the night and meet my nieghbors. It was like an episode of the Real World London, we had twenty plus people all in the kitchen and lounge areas. People from all over North America were there, people from Canada, Texas, Pennsylvainia, New Jersey, Vermont, California, Michagan, New York, and Florida. Lots and lots of people. I have been smiling a lot as I walk the streets (which is wierd here, people don't smile much) and thinking about how many people I have seen in my short time here. Thousands upon thousnads of people with their own lives and problems. I am so blessed to have this chance to see another culture, even one not so terribly different than what I am accustomed to. Quote of Day - "Would you like some hash love?" - Random lady at a public park offereing me marijuna.

Fashion Tip of the Day - Guys wearing purple ties with pink shirts is overwhelmingly in, look for that to hit the states in about four months.